Privacy policy


Data collection and use

When a visitor writes a comment on a web page, only the data that is visible in the comment writing form is collected. The following data is collected and stored in the database:

NameThe first name, first name/surname or other text with which the user wants to be identified, entered in the input field "Name".
Stored unencrypted, visible to the public after the comment is approved by the system.
Email addressEmail address that belongs to the user who posted the comment, entered by user in the input field "Email address".
Stored encrypted, not visible to the public.
Comment (content)The user field "Comment" enters the content that the user wants to post to the relevant article as their comment.
Stored unencrypted, visible to the public after the comment is approved in the system.
Comment creation date and timeThe date and time are automatically saved when the user saves (sends) the comment to the system database.

From a user-provided email address an anonymous hash may be generated and sent to Gravatar service provider to verify if you are using the service. If Gravatar finds the assigned photo and returns it to the site, then, after approving the comment, the profile photo received from Gravatar is publicly visible next to the relevant comment. Gravatar's privacy policy is available here:

The e-mail address or other information provided will not be used in any other cases, other than those mentioned on this page. The email address is stored encrypted in the database, it is not and will never be passed to the third parties. It should be noted that other information provided by the user - the name and content of the comment - will be visible on the Internet at all times after the comment is posted. If you decide in the future that you no longer want information associated with you on the website, you may request to depersonalize the name and email address details - see "Your rights" section below.

Commenting rules

In the comments, we invite you to express your opinion freely, but you should follow these basic rules of commenting:

  • Uncensored vocabulary, threats, insults, hate speech comments are prohibited;
  • Content that violates or may violate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, EU regulations is prohibited;
  • It is forbidden to post links of web pages or advertisements in the fields of the comment form;
  • It is forbidden to post false, unproven information (false news, conspiracy theories) if such content is presented as if it were real facts;
  • When posting a comment, it is required to indicate your real email address. If we notice a possible misrepresentation, an email may be sent to confirm that you really control the email address you provided. This is the only case where we can send an email to your provided email address.
  • In order to simplify the accessibility of the content, please comment only in the language in which the content of the page is presented (in the Lithuanian version of the page - in Lithuanian, in English version of the page - in English).

If you want the author to contact you privately, write to the email address indicated on the contact page, stating the reason.

All comments must be approved by the administrator before they will be made public on the website. Comments that are rejected will not be displayed on the website and their authors will not be notified of this fact or the reasons. Comments may also be rejected for other objective reasons not listed on this page.

The email address can be blocked from further commenting on the page for repeatedly violating the commenting rules.


This page uses only those cookies that are required to ensure the functionality of the content. Cookies are not used to collect or store personal data. Here is the information about the cookies used on this website:

Cookie nameDescription
bernardas_sliamka_sessionA standard cookie that is used to support a user session.
Expires when the window is closed
XSRF-TOKENA cookie used to prevent CSRF attacks.
Expires in 12 months
bs_cookie_consentThe cookie is saved with a value of "1" if you click "Close" next to the line at the bottom of the page, which informs you about the use of cookies on the website. This cookie allows us to identify whether you have already confirmed access, so once it is saved, you will no longer see an information line about the use of cookies.
Expires in 6 months

Content from other websites

This website may contain content from other websites (such as YouTube videos, etc.). In this case, opening a page with embedded content and viewing or interacting with it is equivalent to visiting the web pages from which the content is loaded.

These websites may collect data about you, use their own cookies, third-party tracking services and monitor your actions with uploaded content. The author or maintainer of this website cannot provide data that is collected and held by external embedded content providers - the data travels directly to them. To obtain information about you from external content providers, you should contact the relevant external content providers directly.

Visitor statistics

The site only collects depersonalized traffic statistics that cannot be assigned to a specific user. List of data collected each time a new web page is opened:

Page URLVisits to all pages of the site are captured with URL. The information is used to find out how many times which posts or pages on the website have been viewed and which of them are the most popular among visitors.
HTTP refererUsed to determine from which websites visitors came to a our page and how many visitors came from each captured referral page to find out how the page is discovered by visitors - from search engines, soc. networks or other pages.
BrowserData about browsers used by visitors and browser version numbers are recorded in order to identify the most commonly used browsers in order to effectively eliminate rendering errors associated with specific browsers or their versions.
Operating systemInformation about the operating systems used by visitors is recorded for general statistical purposes.
Device typeThe type of device is recorded in order to find out what percentage of the page visitors visit the website using a computer and what percentage - on mobile devices, in order to properly eliminate possible display errors of different devices.
CountryThe visitor's country is recorded for general statistical purposes. The visitor's country is determined by the IP address, but the IP addresses is not stored.

Statistics are only stored depersonalized and on the local server, never transmitted to third parties. The open source tool "Plausible" is used to collect statistics, more information about its methods for collecting general statistics without violating the privacy of the visitors can be found here.

This website care about the user's choice - if the visitor has "Do not track" parameter enabled in their browser's privacy settings or the browser is sending the „Global Privacy Control“ signal, the embedded code that collects visitor data is not loaded and no visitor data is collected at all.

Information about your data

Do we share the date we collect?

The data is stored on the system (server) depersonalized - so that it is not possible to identify the user. Data is collected for general statistics (see "Visitor Statistics" above), as well as content provided by you in the form of comments (see “Comments” - "Data collection and use"), in this case email address is not displayed publicly and is kept encrypted.

Data collected, including statistics, are not shared with any external sources or third parties.

This condition does not apply to embedded content (such as YouTube videos). The provider of the embedded content may collect your personal information, but the administrator of this website has no control over this data, does not see it and does not know the exact data collected. To find out what data external (embedded) content providers collect, you need to get this information from the external content providers themselves (such as YouTube).

How long is your data stored?

If you write a comment, its content and other submitted data are stored indefinitely, and the basic information (name and content of the comment) will be publicly visible on the website at all times.

Statistics are stored indefinitely, but are completely depersonalized - there is no way to link statistics data to a specific user.

Your rights

If you ever wrote a comment here, you can request to receive a data export file with all the data that is available about you in the system, including the data that you have provided yourself. You can also request the deletion of all your personal data held by the system. Both of these requirements do not apply to data that is required by law to be retained for administrative, legal or security purposes.

Please note that it is not possible to identify statistics (your frequency of visit, exact times of visit, etc.) - the data is depersonalized before being stored on the server, so it is not possible to provide this information.

To request the export of an existing personal data file or the removal of data from the server, write a letter to the contacts listed on the contacts page, indicating the email address.

Upon request, the site administrator or other person authorized to maintain the site will send a file with the personal data to the email address. If you do not want to receive the exported data export file, but instead want remove all data from the system, mention that in the request letter. All comments that are associated with your email address will still be left on the page, but will be completely depersonalized - the username and e-mail will be removed so that the comment can no longer be assigned to any specific user.

Please note that you cannot request the removal of data associated with a specific email address if you do not own this email address. You must send the request from the email address, which was provided on the website when posting the comments. For additional security, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address, and the further action will be taken only after the steps written in the confirmation email will be completed.

Contact information

You can contact the administrator by email, that you can find on the contacts page.