My works: programming

Real-time commenting system

I created the system that was used in “The Voice of Lithuania” TV show during the 2nd and 3rd seasons in the final battles. On a special screen in the backstage, comments and tweets that were posted on Facebook and Twitter with special hashtags were shown letting the paticipans instantly get and answer the questions from the audience. This kind of TV interactivity, based on two social networks, was used in Lithuania for the first time.

Teachers’ sections on Facebook

On the TV show’s Facebook page I programmed and created the design for sections that were always updated and allowed to see what participants have already entered into other stages of the show, and how many participants in each team are still there.

Map of the cities with the most participants

Before the third season of “The Voice of Lithuania” I created an interactive section on Facebook were people could see always updated information from what cities most participants have signed to the TV show.

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