About me

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Hello! I am Bernardas Šliamka.

I'm interested in IT and the latest innovations. I like traveling around Lithuania, getting to know different cities and regions of the country. I love photograpy and my hometown Vilnius.

Alma mater

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

  • 2017 - Bachelor of Information Technologies
  • 2019 - Master of Informatics Sciences
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Creativity house "Elitaz"

The Voice of Lithuania – LNK TV show (2012-04 – 2016-02)

Partial social media management (1-3 seasons), web graphics and poster design, web programming (segments in Facebook), solution for live social media feed on backstage screens during live broadcasts, etc.

Saturday Night Takeaway (Lithuanian version) – LNK TV show (2014-09 – 2014-11)

Partial social media managing.

Other works (2012-2017)

Similar work (graphic design, web programming) in other smaller projects (events) and company's website.

Vilnius City Municipality Administration

Web programming (2019-10 – current)


Website development

  • Good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP programming languages and experience;
  • Javascript (and jQuery) programming experience;
  • „Laravel“ knowledge and experience;
  • Experience with SQL databases;
  • Experience with web content management systems (such as Wordpress, phpBB).


  • Understanding the basics of C++, JAVA and Python programming languages;
  • Experience in creating and publishing mobile apps for Android.

Web graphics

  • Creating images with "GIMP", "Adobe Photoshop";
  • Understanding vector graphics and creating simple vector works with "Adobe Illustrator";
  • Multi-year experience in developing various graphic works.

Video editing

  • Video editing experience with "Adobe Premiere Pro";
  • Basics of creating video effects with "Adobe After Effects".

Office programs

  • Excellent knowledge of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and similar office applications.


  • Knowledge of photography techniques, standards and basic principles;
  • Years of experience in photography, mainly of city streets, buildings and various events.

Social marketing

  • Ability to work professionally and adapt business to all popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram;
  • Experience with managing social profiles of a popular Lithuanian television project.


The best app for the transition to the Euro currency

December 2014, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania

Android application called "Euras 2015" was created in cooperation with my brother for helping people to switch to the new currency in the country. The app participated in a contest held by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and the first place was given to our product.

Best Master's thesis

of VGTU Information Technologies Study Programme in 2019

My Master's thesis was awarded by IEEE Lithuania Section as one of three best Master's theses from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Faculty of Fundamental Sciences in 2019. The thesis analyzes the classification of images according to the tendency of images to lose quality. Classification is done by convolutional neural network, then the appropriate JPEG quality factor is selected according to the received classification results. Supervisor of the thesis - PhD Ernestas Filatovas.

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Go Vilnius (2017-06 – 2017-08)

Volunteering in Vilnius Tourist Information Centre

Helping tourists in Vilnius to get to know the city and discover the best places in the capital of Lithuania.
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